Liquid Smoke Technology

Healthy Smoking Technology

SalvaNatura Liquid Smoke TechnologyIt is the so-called Smoking with a liquid smoke – technology, which is used only in the manufacturing of vegetable products SALVE NATURA, is the first time invented in Canada in the 1960s and is till now only ‘clean’ way of getting real taste of smoked without compromising health related aspects.

The process is based on controlled pyrolysis of highest quality of sawdust from hard wood. The smoke components are absorbed and condensed in the water. This condensate of liquid smoke is filtered, ripened and further processed to form best effect on heat treated product. The liquid smoke does not contain highly hazardous carcinogenic substances.

“Purified smoke” used on our salami, sausages and even the vegetarian steak are applied in form of aerosol applied withing special smoking chambers.

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