The benefits and advantages of SALVE NATURA products

SALVE Natura products have many advantages in comparison to traditional meat products and other vegetarian products:

    The main ingredient of SALVE Natura Products is the wheat protein. This is unusual for the Vegetarian products in Europe because it is made from wheat and not soy/vegetable. Wheat protein can be enriched with variety of flavors, and that allows us to combine all different kinds of health food ingredients that resemble the taste and texture of common meat products.
    SALVE NATURA ltd. does not manufacture meat products.
    Our factory, equipment, materials and staff are solely dedicated to manufacturing a 100% Natural Vegetarian product.
    The liquid smoke technology, used in the process of manufacturing the SALVE Natura products, has first appeared in Canada in 1960’s, and is based on controlled pyrolysis of sawdust extracted from the finest hardwood. Components of smoke are absorbed and condensed in water. The condensate liquid smoke is filtered, matured and further processed into a more refined product. The liquid smoke does not contain dangerous carcinogenic substances because they are eliminated during the process. Then in a specialized smoking chamber “purified smoke” is being applied to products such as salamis, sausages and even vegetarian steaks, in the form of aerosol. Depending on the size of aerosol droplets determents the flavor and color intensity of final product.
    SALVE Natura products contain wheat exclusively of European origin. Wheat is a traditional crop in this region and for many centuries it formed the foundation of our diet.
    Natural ingredients are the main virtue of our products.
    Those ingredients are:

    • high quality vegetable oils,
    • wheat protein,
    • derivative of seaweed,
    • corn and potato starch,
    • coconut fat,
    • natural flavor and essences.
    SALVE NATURA products do not contain synthetic preservatives, flavors or dyes. The SALVE Natura company is very strict with ingredients and quality. Including dyes, they are all natural and vegetarian. For example, instead of usingcochineal type of dye, made from crushed elytra of small insects, we use vegetables and other non-animal based food colorings.
  • SOYA
    Only 2% of our ingredients are soya. SALVE NATURA company takes great care to ensure that the soyabeans used in its products are not genetically modified. All our soya suppliers must provide official certification of this fact.
    The vegetarian sausages SALVE NATURA are suitable for both cold and hot cuisine. Making tasteful dishes with the SALVE Natura products is fast, healthy and simple.
    The SALVE Natura products are marked with the original V & V logo which guarantees that the products are solely of a plant origin. That means that the products do not contain eggs, milk and other animal products.
    The SALVE Natura ltd. company is creating original recipes and methods, respecting the tradition of the European taste. This ensures the full satisfaction of the Market.

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