Health & Lifestyle

As we are becoming increasingly affected by the negative energy of the advanced civilization in our everyday lives, which is especially true for the residents of larger cities, its obvious that we have forgotten how important it is to take good care of ourselves. To invest enough time in our well-being, and not to harm ourselves with a destructive lifestyle.

Poor diet, stress, lack of exercise, consumption of tobacco and alcohol – these contribute to the development of that harmful lifestyle. Additionally, bad quality of air and water adds to the matter. The consequences are alarming. For example The Czech Republic holds the first place in the world by its number of cases of colon cancer. The number of people who suffer from various allergies has doubled in Europe over the past decade. One of the biggest problems is also obesity – 25% of women and 22% of men are effected. Similar or even more worrying are the statistics from all the other countries. But these are just a few outcomes of our lifestyle.

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