Against the colon cancer

salvenatura Against the colon cancerCzech Republic is amongst one of the countries with the highest death rate due to colon and rectum cancer. This kind of tumor is the second most common type of cancer in men, following after the lungs cancer, and after the breast cancer in women. The environment and poor eating habits are the causes of that. The biggest cause is a large proportion of the animal fats in the people’s diets, particularly the high consumption of the red meat, heat-prepared by frying, baking and especially smoking by an unhealthy way, as well as a low fiber content in the diet, and the extent of the alcohol consumption.

80% of cancers arise due to a transformation of the originally benign tumour. The intestinal mucosa produces polyps (which are “pompons” on a stem), and the initially benign tissue begins to degenerate malignantly. Any benign tumour is easily identifiable by the process known as colonoscopy, by which it can be easily removed, so that it doesnt threaten ones life. The colonoscopy includes an examination with a camera which detects any polyps (some health insurance companies fully cover this). Preventing the cancer is possible by decreasing fat, fatty meats and sausages in one’s diet, and increasing the consumption of plant based products with high share of fiber. SALVE Natura products help to prevent cancer because they are meat-free vegetable products manufactured on the basis of wheat proteins that have a low caloric value and low sodium content. SALVE Natura also uses exclusively a special technology of healthy smoking.

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