Health in the forefront

salvenatura Health in the forefrontIn recent years, more and more people realize how significant impact healthy lifestyle habits have on their physical and mental well-being, and a healthy living has become the motto of many people of all ages. Over time, a healthy lifestyle has become a fashion statement as well.

The interest in health is manifested primarily in two areas: people start to do more physical activities and think more about their diet. Exercise is a very effective way of preventing all Lifestyle diseases. Today we can find many ways to stretch and strengthen our muscles and to lose a few excess pounds. Most recently we discover various exercises from the East, like yoga, tai-chi or seven Tibetans. Very popular are bodybuilding, aerobics, swimming, squash or tennis, as well as various team sports. To improve the physical and mental aspect of personality, even a nimble gait or simple walks on a regular basis can help, since these are joint-friendly activities, compared to some of the above mentioned challenging sports.

Equally important and essential component of a healthy lifestyle is – diet. Again, there are many different consumption choices of food, and it is up to each of us to choose the one thats best for us.

Recently, a widely used alternative is certainly the vegetarian diet, or the vegan diet. Lot of people like it not only for its positive impact on health, but also for its ethical and humanistic approach to all living things. “Every living entity deserves to live”. Vegetarianism is more of a lifestyle than just a diet. That doesnt mean that anyone who chooses not to eat meat must become a vegetarian overnight. People also take to this decision due to the health reasons or simply because they enjoy the taste of the vegetarian food. In terms of health, the vegetarian diet has several immediate positive effects. The body of a vegetarian is not so burdened with cholesterol because it is only found in the animal products. The removal of meat and meat products from one’s diet has a significant impact on preventing cancer, especially the colon cancer. Its origin is closely connected with a high amount of animal fat in one’s diet, and with the lack of roughage on the other hand. The meet products themselves also have a high salt content, which is dangerous especially for cardiacs.

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