Lifestyle diseases

salvenatura Lifestyle diseasesThe health consequences of our current modern living are called “Lifestyle diseases”. Some of its obvious diseases or problems are: vascular disease (strokes, premature artero sclerosis, myocardial infarction, hypertension), eating disorders (anorexia, obesity), diabetes mellitus, tumours, depressions, the chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as spontaneous abortions or premature deliveries, congenital malformations and various degenerative symptoms in newborns and young children, or dementia.

All of these diseases are existing due to improper diet, unclean water and polluted air. The term “diseases of civilization” is used because they are so close to the modern lifestyle we live, with its advancements and achievements. The innovations such as the TV and the computers are a “waste of time” which everyone could instead devote to physical activity. Industrially manufactured food products contain too much salt and animal fat, and people consume too much food regardless of their calorie need. And no less destructive is consumption of tobacco and alcohol. On top of all that, add stress of fast pace day to day life.

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