The vegetarian sausage

SalveNatura The vegetarian sausageThere are different kinds of vegetarian products available on the market which according to their composition and taste quickly finds their consumers. The vegetarian sausage SALVE Natura offers its customers a wide range of meat-free plant based products made of wheat protein – from salamis via frankfurters up to the “classic” meat.

One of the main positive characteristics of SALVE Natura products is low caloric value and low sodium content. And so they are perfectly suited for different types of diet programs. They are perfect for those with obesity problem, or anyone who wishes to reduce bodily weight and would like to achieve it in a healthy and safe way. To reach the satisfactory results it is necessary, however, to adjust the diet: to reduce sugars and food full of cholesterol off the menu, and to replace them with as much whole-wheat breads, vegetables and fruits as possible.

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